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Pbx system

 As a result, different types of businesses will get the most out of different PBX systems, depending on their size, average number of callers, and resources available for new equipment.

With rapid development in business communications, customer demands are far too varied to be approached with a one-size-fits-all solution. Are you fully capable of matching up customers’ pain points with appropriate solutions?

Our PBX System comes with a wide range of VoIP solutions to meet the diverse needs of companies of all sizes and industries. A tailored solution helps shift customers’ attention from the price to the value. Let see what we have to offer.

By business needs: The business communications landscapes are ever-changing.

Some companies are moving to hybrid work, Some need to connect multiple branches, Some have a lot of on-the-go employees, Some are required to equip their service centers with specialized tools.

The list goes on. We provide purpose-built solutions that allow you to target these certain needs.        

By ecosystem: In addition to communication systems, modern corporates make extensive use of technologies such as: CRM platforms, collaboration tools, paging systems, door phones, etc.

They want all these to work in harmony for maximum productivity. Here's your opportunity. Yeastar not only features easy integration solutions but also API for greater customization.          

By industries: Every industry has specific communications requirements. For example,

  • Hotels often need to support a number of analog phones and the PMS system.
  • Healthcare organizations may particularly focus on call center functionality.
  • For schools, paging is one of their top considerations.

We have wide-ranging experience and proven expertise in these industries and more.                  

Better position yourself by crafting on-demand our solutions to target niche markets and satisfy various needs. To explore more,

Please contact us if you are hotels owner, Guest-houses owner, or need more telephones points.