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Nine products in one, Teaching courseware, The simulation experiment, Teaching whiteboard, Smart annotation In the classroom, Five finger’s to wake up, PC one click recovery, Appearance design

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Nine products in one

Microsound's teaching Whiteboard integrates the functions of a projector, screen, electronic whiteboard, TV, PC, IPAD, set-top box, learning machine and speaker.

Teaching courseware

Hug e amount of teaching materials, K12 synchronous electronic textbooks, easy to use, interactive class, so that students are active and motivated.

The simulation experiment

NB Simulation of real experiments in steps, combined with pictures and illustrations, to help students better understand the experimental principles.

Teaching whiteboard

Interactive teaching whiteboard, 20 touch control, can be written by several people at the same time, one key to wipe, responsive, writing smooth.

Smart annotation In t he classroom, the teacher can explain the key and difficult points at any time, so that students can deepen their understanding.

Five finger’s to wake up

It can realize five-finger rest screen, five-finger wake-up, and distinguish ECO mode;

PC one click recovery

With the PC, the computer system can be restored in the Android system menu without the help of keyboard and mouse;

Appearance design

Ultra-narrow bezel, rounded corner design, dual front USB ports, easy to use.