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D10 TURBO – HIGH-SPEED INDUSTRIAL SLIDING GATE MOTOR Turbo Rack Drive Operator V3 KRT including PCB BR, Charger, Multichannel NOVA RX, ChronoGuard Timer, excluding Battery, Rack, TX - 1000kg Industrial - 250kg @ 50m/min


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  • Turbo speed for greater security and convenience
  • Battery backup
  • Intelligent speed control
  • High duty cycle capability
  •  Multiple operating features, including Intruder-detection Alarm Modes (a world first)
  •  Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface
  •  Onboard CENTURION code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
  •  Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality (a world first)
  •  Be alerted of gate activity via SMS or push notification by connecting a CENTURION GSM device

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